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Personal Service

We believe a mortgage should be about building relationships and helping customers achieve their dream of home ownership.

Loan Efficiency

Our pre-approval process and systematic approach to the loan process insures an on-time closing.

Competitive Pricing

With a personal loan strategy, great rates, and low fees, you are assured to save as much money as possible.

About Us

The mortgage slayer provides a proven system that integrates old-school business relationship with new school technology. Advising a client through the mortgage process and providing clarity out of the confusion is essential to providing clients their own “WOW” experience.



— Shad Marshall, Senior Mortgage Advisor  ( NMLS # 989031 ) 

Derek Freitag

Regional Sales Manager

Shad Marshall

Branch Manager & Loan Advisor

TJ Henley




in Their Fields


With over 32 years experience within the mortgage industry, our team is well prepared to handle various client financial situations, from the easy to the complex.


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What do mortgage companies look at to qualify me for a home loan?

It’s very simple and the same for all home buyers:


1.) Credit Score  - (Usually 620, but can qualify with a lesser score depending on certain factors)


2.) Money available for down payment and closing costs – (As low as $0 down and 3.5% down available for those eligible)


3.) Debt to income ratio – which is your minimum monthly payments on your credit report (i.e. credit cards, car loans, school loans..etc) divided by your monthly income. 


Let me help you get those items aligned and then you are able to start looking for a home.

What is the minimum credit score I need to qualify for a home?
What is the difference between down payment and cash to close?
Are there any additional costs outside of my cash to close?


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